Sad Sally ~ Colleen Aynn

“Sad Sally is an adorable book and truly unique. This story will inspire children to recognize their real feelings and invite them to express them in a way that will bring about joy and positive change. I truly love this book!

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author, aka “The Best Seller Maker”

Dealing with Feelings Brings Kids to a Healthier Place!

If children (and adults!) were meant to suppress their emotions …they wouldn’t have been born with them!

Think about it. We didn’t come into this world with our emotions so we could hide them. We came into this world so we could live through them.

Today, you have a FUN and REFRESHING chance to teach your children to identify and
channel their emotions in a responsible and constructive way!’s Ok to cry and show your feelings.

In her heartwarming new book, Sad Sally, author and performer, Colleen Aynn, uses rhymes and colorful illustrations to teach children it’s Ok to cry and show emotions.

You’ll follow the story of Sad Sally, who is always sad …and won’t allow herself to have a good cry. That is, until she meets an old toad in the middle of the road.

The lesson Sally learns from the toad is it’s Ok to cry and show her feelings. Children will learn …

…When they allow themselves to act on their heartfelt emotions, their body and soul
will naturally recalibrate – and move them to a healthier place.

With a simple and heart-warming story, Sad Sally reminds all of us, young and old, of the importance of accepting our emotions and staying true to ourselves and to our feelings. Wonderful story with a great moral.”

– Liana Palmerio-McIvor, Registered Psychotherapist

When They Need a Good Cry – Stay by Their Side

Sad Sally teaches children and parents that suppressing emotions is the worst thing you can do! Through Sally’s interactions with the old toad in the road, your children will learn …

Parents will learn the most supportive thing they can do is to be the one who stays beside their children when they need to release their emotion …and have a good cry.

A child having repressed pent up feelings of sadness and a censored edict to not open up, leads to severe depression and an inability to experience love and life’s intimacy. Colleen Aynn’s ‘Sad Sally’ is a beautiful highly relatable tool for any psychologist, or child/youth worker to alleviate such suffering in children they’re entrusted to treat. A must arrow in your therapeutic quiver!

– Dr. Stephen B. Stokl, FRCPC, Chief Psychiatrist, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Author of
Mentally Speaking

Learn Life Lessons from Sally …and Her Feeling Friends!

At the end of Sad Sally, you and your children will be introduced to the rest of Colleen Aynn’s Feeling Friends gang.

Mad Michael – Michael is always mad …but can a wise and witty dog use rhymes and smiles to help him deal with his anger?

Happy Hannah – Hannah gets tired of being happy and wants to explore other feelings. Can her home town handle her as she evolves into a more well-rounded child?

Nervous Nelly – Nelly is nervous about everything and doesn’t know what to do. Will guidance from a magical unicorn take her on life-changing adventure she’ll never forget?

The answers to these questions can be found in Colleen Aynn’s
complete Feeling Friends book series.

Bright, colorful, and richly illustrated, these companion books to Sad Sally
are a delightful cross between Dr. Seuss and Mr. Men.

Order Sad Sally, and you’ll find out how your children can go on even more journeys with Michael, Hannah and Nelly, who share life lessons that help kids express their feelings in healthy and constructive ways.

I got really emotional when I read Sad Sally. It’s a book that I wish I had read when I was a kid or that my Mom could’ve read with me. When I was little I had these overwhelming feelings, I didn’t know what they were and I didn’t know what to do with them. This would’ve been such a comfort. I highly recommend this book for every parent and child.”

– Dr. Bruno Borges, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, McMaster Children’s Hospital

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Audio book No video, no problem. You and your kids can engage with Sad Sally through this delightful MP3, and let your imaginations soar. Great for kids who love to memorize!

The Feelings Wheel – Fun to play with your children, and it simultaneously raises your entire family’s EQ. Naming their feelings is the first step in a child’s emotional intelligence.

Put this beautifully colored Feelings Wheel on the wall, and your children will quickly learn to identify their feelings every day!

Their anxieties will lessen as they notice how certain emotions often pair together. Like scared and excited when they’re trying something new. The Feelings Wheel is a great way for your children to …

  • Connect with you on a fun, personal level
  • Learn to name their feelings – upping their EQ
  • Open a dialogue about situations they are dealing with
  • Feel the feelings in their body
  • Work through difficult emotions
  • Recognize their emotional patterns
  • Lessen their anxieties
  • Celebrate good times with their family!

Bookmarks – Beautifully illustrated scenes from Sad Sally are paired with her most valuable lessons to create a series of adorable little bookmarks.

Use Sally and her magical reminders as bookmarks in any book
you and your children are reading!

Coloring Pages – Little ones love to color. Download and enjoy these FREE printable characters! Try giving your children Mad Michael when they’re angry; Sad Sally when they’re sad; and Happy Hannah when they’re happy – and then enjoy the conversations that follow!

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Colleen has taken some very complex teachings about dealing with emotions, our subconscious mind, our dark side etc. and turned them into something very accessible and fun for both parents and children. Bravo! What a great tool to help us teach our children and ourselves more about our own feelings.”

– Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author of Unwavering Strength series



Colleen Aynn is a true artist. She has been (loudly) expressing herself since birth as an international singer, actor, author, and coach. Believing we are all born creative, Colleen inspires others to boldly express themselves and bring their unique voice to the world.

Colleen has spent most of her life performing as a musical theatre professional, and you can still find her on stages, in classrooms, behind canvases or pianos with a pen, microphone or book in her hand.

She designed the Feeling Friends series to help little minds deal with big feelings in a positive way. Colleen still loves to belt out a tune, and these days she’s most often joined on stage by her husband Bruno, and their little firecracker, Emilia. Colleen lives in Burlington, Ontario Canada.